Listen up new moms…

IMG_7931.JPGIf you don’t know what this is, then you’re not a mom! Well not yet at least, Lol This is the 1 maybe 2 minutes that you get to go pee and you think you’re alone, I’m sorry to break it to you new moms, you’re not! You’ll never be alone again for years to come!


There will always be these eyes on the other side of the door, waiting… most of the time impatiently waiting to say mommy, mom, momma, I’ve been waiting for like ever for you. Shouting through the door when you’re just trying to get a 2 minute pee break, you may even be hiding in there at this point.. we all do it, don’t feel bad, what do you think bath time for mom is? IMG_7933.JPGIt’s our time to just relax right? To lay in quiet, not doing anything for anyone? HA! We wish! It usually looks a lot more like this IMG_7934little one on the other side just waiting or trying to break in on you, oh you can’t hear them, no problem.. here comes the mail under the door lol welcome to motherhood, I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it don’t. Enjoy a pee break or bath while they’re at school. That’s your only hope lol

(I’m not a professional writer, grammar professional or intelligent human by any means- don’t judge me) my blogs are written real and usually with at least one child screaming for my attention. Stop judging people lol

Hang in there moms! love you guys!


(Thankful for my work from home gig- not sure how you working moms do it! You’re the real MVPS!- by the way, stop showing off lol you’re leaving us crappy hiding in the bathroom moms look bad!



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