Paris- Eiffel Tower, Bateaux Promenade boat cruise/tour.

IMG_0539What a fun, but chilly day in Paris! The weather was not what we were expecting and the language & trying to translate what the locals were saying was challenging. Who knew a small town girl would travel at all, let alone to Paris! It’s always been on my bucket list! We went for lunch and met an amazing couple from the UK! We spent lunch chatting to them about their past businesses, her husband being a doctor & them currently retiring.. We shared what we do, They were very fascinated & said they are excited to join us in this business! Everything happens for a reason & fate brings to the right people at the right time, you just have to live with an open mind! We then walked to the Effiel Tower & had some street crepes, took a beautiful boat tour & held hands the entire time. What a great day in Paris it was! I’ll never forget it.

Cassandra Salidas

Superstar Director


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