Day 1 & 2, The uk is beautiful, but the weather was cold!

We ventured out yesterday and saw the Big Ben, the London Bridge & the Queens other house, the Buckingham palace. We used the train, the “tube” (as they call it, aka the subway) oh and the big red buses! What an adventure so far! We’ve had caramel peanuts on the road & pizza for £3.00 take away (that means take it & go & that’s the full price) everyone has been very nice and straight to the point. We’ve also noticed that most people from the UK do the bigger jobs here and many nationalities do the everyday jobs. So we’ve met all kinds of people from other countries and they all have one thing in common so far, they are uber impressed with Scentsy! Much easier to explain it here solely for their interest, I guess meeting people (us) from Canada (the other side of the world to them) who are here for fun & to meet team mates seems pretty impressive in itself. We’re headed to meet some team mates in the lobby tonight and I’m honestly so pleased to meet these amazing, hard working ladies who I feel like I already know because of Facebook & Scentsy of course. This business has me wondering where the next 5 years will take us! But for now the next few weeks!

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