IMG_4269If you told me two years ago that I would be able to TRAVEL the WORLD when I wanted and live my DREAM I would have said you were crazy…

The experiences I have been able to have over the last 2 years were only a DREAM for me less than 3 years ago – I have truly created a life of FREEDOM.

But you see, my life always wasn’t like this… I struggled for many years, from job to job just getting by to being unemployed, I’ve lived on my own since I was 16!!

At the time, I truly BELIEVED that my only option was that life. I thought without an education or a rich family that’s how the story goes.

I spent the last 3 years working too many hours, working on building my dream life, hey all good things need sacrifice right?

As a kid, I always had BIG dreams… People always used to tell me not living in this area, it won’t happen!! I had dreams of traveling the world living life on MY terms.

I had dreams of going to Greece, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hawaii, and so many other places on the other side of the world lol

I had dreams of working from home and being with my husband and kids 24/7. Being able to REALLY enjoy life, instead of working just to live a little…

But I didn’t want to have to wait until my golden years..I wanted to do it ALL now!!

But the years I spent working paycheck to paycheck I saw that dream SLIP AWAY…

I remember being at my job Monday morning wishing that I could have slept in, sipping a cup of coffee just trying to stay awake.

The truth was that I was feeling lost, DEPRESSED, tired, overworked and feeling absolutely no joy in life. I kept asking myself “What is the point of all this?”

My entire life felt like an endless cycle. I would wake up and go to work, then go home, have a couple hours and go to bed… and repeat, and repeat, and repeat…

I was going CRAZY. That day I broke down into tears – I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Something had to CHANGE in my life before I hit rock bottom – I had to make a LIFE-CHANGING decision.

I decided to pick up my laptop and start searching for ways to make money online. Other than surveys, I didn’t find much!

I just knew deep down that there was a better way. A few days later I attended a purse party & figured hey I could do this, I love fashion & people. But only one problem, I was BROKE! Living pay check to pay check then being unemployed doesn’t leave much money in the bank!! Down to my last $30 to my name until EI day!

I asked everyone to lend us money, finally a friend did & I started my first business, lots of parties, events, auctions & hard work for years… Realized although I am working for myself, I am still working super hard! I wanted something where I had help of others and business that allowed me to live around my life instead of hours.

Once I got started with Scentsy, I was welcomed into a group and soon realized that this was REAL. These people were REAL, living the lifestyle that I wanted to live. And I realized that this lifestyle was REAL, and I would soon be living it…

A few months later I sold off my fashion business, a year later Ali quit his job, we wanted to focus solely on our new business & living life on our terms, we have been travelling the world & loving every minute of it.

I now get inspiring messages & emails every single day from people with a dream, making it come true & thanking me. My passion is traveling the world and helping people connect with their deeper purpose and to live their desired lifestyle.

If you’re reading this, I am speaking to YOU…

Your dreams are possible, whatever they are and more importantly, the right group of people are waiting to show you that it is possible to live a better way of life.

I can help you, we can discuss your dreams and goals. I believe in you – sometimes that’s all it takes.

Cassandra Salidas

Superstar Director


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